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Tuesday 2pm-7pm, Wednesday 10am-3pm, Thursday 2pm-7pm, Friday 2pm-7.30 pm; Philharmonic Box Office - Zwierzyniecka Street


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Musica - ars amanda

Musica ars – amanda – this is a series of symphony concerts directed to the junior and senior college youth. There is a leading idea each season connecting all evenings.  Orchestral programs that present a given tendency in the history of music or a particular section of instruments are preceded by a lecture that renders easy the perception and situates a piece in a broader context.

We continue the meetings of young music lovers during the Musica – ars amanda concert series or “Music – an art worth loving,” and let us add, worth getting to know. This year, we will revive the tradition of presenting one main theme in six scenes. We have prepared for our audience a “Musical Atlas”, and on its pages we will present, as one might guess, music of different eras from different countries. To make these pages as colourful as in a geographical atlas, we will take our young music lovers from the Vienna of the Classicism period to Jazz-Age America, lead them through an array of composers, from Mozart to Wojciech Kilar, and present them with instruments from the well-known piano to the French horn, rarely heard in a concerto part. The present publication as well as the Philharmonic website contains more detailed information on the “musical atlas pages,” including the ones we have already seen, and the ones which have not been opened yet.

Schools which care to enrich the general education of their pupils with musical knowledge are welcome to continue the meetings, commenced in October, with our group of speakers and musicians, who have a passion for introducing those interested to the world of Music. During the school year, we will present nine different subjects, including a full kaleidoscope of information on musical genres, works of music, music styles, composers, and instruments. We have already presented four of them in the winter semester, and as for those still ahead of us – we invite you to visit our website, where you can find the titles of the meetings together with short descriptions of the underlying musical and didactic principles.

We also encourage young music lovers, teachers and parents to join us at the traditional “Summer at the Philharmonic” gala concert to close the artistic season. This will be the fifth event of its kind, this year entitled “Baroque As You’ve Never Seen It”. Worth noting is the unusual rendition of selected movements from the timeless series of Antonio Vivaldi’s violin concertos The Four Seasons. We have taken an example from lovers of Baroque, who depart from the violin original and try to present this series in brand new versions. Apart from the violin, our audience will hear the flute, the French horn and the cello performing.  

In the second part of this summer meeting, for the first time in the history of our concerts we will present artists who do not play music, but rather dance. The Cracovia Danza Court Ballet, residing in Krakow but enjoying well-deserved popularity in many countries in Europe and Asia, will present to our young listeners fragments of the Coffee Ballet to the music of Johann Sebastian Bach. The authors of this unusual spectacle have drawn inspiration from the famous humorous Coffee Cantata by the great Cantor from Leipzig.

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